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Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing (a.k.a. database publishing) is a particularly powerful form of marketing. It allows you to take advantage of your database(s) to add customized elements to each piece that you have printed.

Here's a simple example. Thanks to variable data printing, newsletters, postcards and other direct mailers can now individually address each newsletter or printed piece (from a database) while it is being printed. Dump those smeary old inkjet labels!

Here's a more complex application. Using the same process, you can also automatically insert pre-defined content targeted to each recipient in the newsletter using your database. It could be as simple as the recipient's name. It could also be targeted information directed at the recipient or at all recipients sharing a given characteristic (ZIP code, age, car, etc.).

In short, each variably printed piece can include one or more printed elements (text or graphic image) that makes it unique from other pieces in the same print run. Yet, all of the pieces in your print run are produced at one time (i.e. cost efficiently), with a consistently high standard of quality. More importantly, variable data printing is a uniquely efficient way to speak to each individual in your audience, one-to-one.

Maximize the impact of your document with our in-house, variable data printing expertise. For print formats ranging to 14 x 20 inches we can provide variable data:

Bar coding


Personalization (individual addressing)

100% variable content

Want to enhance the impact of your marketing materials?